November 8, 2011

Phase IV: Back to LA

Monday morning, we had to head back to LA.  Ken had to be at a dinner Monday night and then training classes through Thursday.  This week was a little bit different:  I hadn't planned anything (in fact, we didn't even plan our going home trip), Ken had really long days of training.  We were dropping him off at 7:45 am and picking him up at 6:30pm, 7pm and one night at 8pm!

We did lots of little things this week.  We went to the Orange County Great Park.  The highlight was supposed to be that big orange balloon in the background.  You got to go up in it for free.  But it ended up being too windy and we rode the carousel instead, along with running around and learning a lot about vermiculture in the garden area.

We went to the Lego store at Downtown Disney.  My boys are all about Legos and the Lego store was very exciting (though I have to say that the Lego store at the Disney Orlando was way better).  We also went back to Huntington Beach one night and met a friend for dinner on the pier. 

We did have one great day in San Juan Capistrano, more on that in the next post.  Mostly, we hung out and went to the pool and I thought a lot about how blessed we are!

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