November 2, 2011

Science and Fish.

We spent Tuesday of our time in LA at the Discovery Science Center.  Mainly, we went there because I knew where it was!  But the kids had a great time.  In fact, they had so much fun that when we realized what time it was, we had to rush to pick up Ken!

There were giant bugs.  But the best part was that Nick slept through half of it.

The rock climbing wall was a big hit.
And I didn't get too many pictures because once Nick woke up,
my hands were full!

On Wednesday, we drove to Long Beach and the Aquarium of the Pacific.  It was just like our aquarium at home, except that it had a large outdoor area (which was the best part, honestly).  I had expected a little, teeny aquarium like the one we go to in North Carolina.  But, we had a blast!  It was just more expensive than I had hoped it would be.

The largest manta ray I have ever seen!
The fountain out front.
There was a nice park that went all around the harbor and we walked up to that lighthouse.
(If you can see it way back behind the palm trees).
We really enjoyed this too.  Long Beach was such a pretty area.
But I didn't see much of a beach!

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