December 14, 2011

Adorable? Why, yes, yes they are!

It is always something of an accomplishment to get a photo with all the kids in it--and the photographer at JcPenney did an awesome job. (She was the youngest of 8--the only girl--she knows all about this big family business and I was so thankful that she handled all of the kids with ease.  Even that spunky two year old).

Poor little, Peter--he's looking a little worried about this whole photography business.  Because, you know, Mama is over there--and some other lady is far too close!  However, he took a beautiful individual picture.

I'd share the other pictures with you.  But this is the only one we have license to. (I got a great Groupon deal!).  And, this one isn't even going on the Christmas cards! 

I'm sharing this because it was an accomplishment.  Seriously.  I managed to get six kids bathed, dressed, hair combed, and pictures taken with no incidents!  :)  Hooray!  We treated ourselves to Panera bagels for a job well done afterwards.

Chocolate chip and cinnamon crunch bagels.  Yum....

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  1. Fantastic! They are a very handsome group! +JMJ+