January 30, 2012

Yosemite in HD

Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.

We're all sick over here--nothing major.  Just enough to derail anything extra--so posting here is limited.

I saw this link from Ann Voskamp and had to share it with you!  Trust me when I say that even this video--in all of it's high resolution gorgeousness--does not do justice to the beauty and wonder of Yosemite!  (But, I do have to say the video almost made me cry thinking of how wonderful a time we had there!) 


January 12, 2012

Peter's new room.

Generally speaking, I like to keep my babies with me in my room.  It usually means I get more sleep that way.  Usually.  Peter doesn't like to fall into the "usually" category.  We found that even though he was going to bed (finally) really well --we were waking him up when we came in.  And then, somewhere around 2am he would decide that he'd really had enough sleep and just wanted to play. 

A couple of weeks of no sleep for me and that was that.

Peter got his own room.

Nick moved in with Liz (who was sleeping in the boys' room before that).  The arrangement has turned out pretty well and for three whole nights--I've gotten good sleep.  :)  That really makes a difference in my day!

The wall color was from a can of paint my mom gave me.
I didn't like the color swatch on the can, but it came down to "free" and so I used it anyway.
I really like the color on the wall.
Very nice for a baby room.
The wall mural came from Amazon.

Here is a close-up.
Super cute and super easy to put up!

This is the other corner of the room.
I want to do something over the diaper changer.
Maybe a quote--I'm still thinking on it.
Any suggestions?

I'm really happy with the room.  And mostly, I'm really happy that Peter sleeps in it so well!  I also pulled a twin mattress in there thinking that if he wasn't sleeping well, at least, he could play in a baby-safe spot and I could sleep.  I haven't needed it though!

Next up....putting my room back together!

January 9, 2012

Meet Mae.

Meet our new puppy, Mae.
She is an 8 week old Siberian Husky.
And she is super sweet.

Nathan has vowed to be the numbero uno caretaker of the pup.
I needed to have him recorded saying that so when he complains--I can play it back!

Baby and Puppy meet.
Mae wasn't so sure about this little being that crawled on all fours like a dog but didn't smell like one.
Until she discovered that she really, really likes his drool.


I mean, a dog gets thirsty, you know.

And, if you didn't know it before now--I have officially verified.
I am insane.
I had said no puppy.

And yet, we have a puppy.

Then, there is Sally.
She doesn't mind bossing around a puppy if need be.
She is a dog after my own heart, rest in comfort!
Two pillows!! Two!

Yup, just like me.  Ask Ken.

Meanwhile, say a prayer for my sanity.
Thanks.  I'm gonna need it. :)

St. Francis, pray for us!

January 5, 2012


The after-the-new-year edition!

Someday I will have all the stockings completed and matching!
Peters is the "baby" stocking--always used for the baby who doesn't have a stocking complete yet.
The white ones are for Ken and I.  They have designs on the other side but I can't stand that they face the other way.

The Christmas "before" picture.
That is an amazing amount of gifts, eh?
3 gifts x 6 kids +mom +dad +family gifts= a lot.
Ken does a nice job of organizing by child for an easy morning!
And to make sure we didn't forget something upstairs....


Peter's first Christmas.
With help from his siblings.

A puzzle, a fire, my dear husband--a great way to spend the last evening of vacation!


My kids always have to do a silly picture along with a real one.
Sally and her little purple present.
She really likes it, so funny!
The kids were super excited to pick it out and give it to her.


Christmas morning aftermath. 

What happens to a puzzle when Nick finds it!

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