January 9, 2012

Meet Mae.

Meet our new puppy, Mae.
She is an 8 week old Siberian Husky.
And she is super sweet.

Nathan has vowed to be the numbero uno caretaker of the pup.
I needed to have him recorded saying that so when he complains--I can play it back!

Baby and Puppy meet.
Mae wasn't so sure about this little being that crawled on all fours like a dog but didn't smell like one.
Until she discovered that she really, really likes his drool.


I mean, a dog gets thirsty, you know.

And, if you didn't know it before now--I have officially verified.
I am insane.
I had said no puppy.

And yet, we have a puppy.

Then, there is Sally.
She doesn't mind bossing around a puppy if need be.
She is a dog after my own heart, rest in comfort!
Two pillows!! Two!

Yup, just like me.  Ask Ken.

Meanwhile, say a prayer for my sanity.
Thanks.  I'm gonna need it. :)

St. Francis, pray for us!

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