January 5, 2012


The after-the-new-year edition!

Someday I will have all the stockings completed and matching!
Peters is the "baby" stocking--always used for the baby who doesn't have a stocking complete yet.
The white ones are for Ken and I.  They have designs on the other side but I can't stand that they face the other way.

The Christmas "before" picture.
That is an amazing amount of gifts, eh?
3 gifts x 6 kids +mom +dad +family gifts= a lot.
Ken does a nice job of organizing by child for an easy morning!
And to make sure we didn't forget something upstairs....


Peter's first Christmas.
With help from his siblings.

A puzzle, a fire, my dear husband--a great way to spend the last evening of vacation!


My kids always have to do a silly picture along with a real one.
Sally and her little purple present.
She really likes it, so funny!
The kids were super excited to pick it out and give it to her.


Christmas morning aftermath. 

What happens to a puzzle when Nick finds it!

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  1. Wonderful pictures... wonderful memories! Happy New Year! +JMJ+