February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday.

I was planning on giving up chocolate for Lent. I guess God really wanted me to learn sacrifice this year... I'm giving up walking. I broke my ankle (two bones), had surgery on Monday to put in pins and plates. I can not put weight on it for four weeks. That is like eternity in Mom time! One could think it would be easy to sit here and relax. It isn't. It is impossibly difficult to watch all of your family have needs and not be able to help one iota. I can't get myself a drink. I cant put the baby in his high chair. I cant make lunch, clean up, do the dishes. However, I am keeping chipper! We are blessed to have family who have helped so much with the kids. We are blessed to have a network of homeschoolers who have been bringing meals. I am so thankful for so many people who have blessed us during this whole ordeal. Next year, I really just want to give up chocolate. :)

February 15, 2012

Math moments.

Trying to knock myself out of the homeschool "blahs" over here.  I'm torn between wanting to do a million crafty things or going back to bed.  So, as a means of encouraging myself, I'll be randomly posting some of our homeschool moments.  :)  Or secretly, I'm going with distraction option number 3--blogging!

Nathan loves have a Peter helper for math.

I tease Nathan that if Peter gets the answers wrong it still goes against his score.

Elizabeth randomly does school.
But she's not in school yet.
So, I consider it a bonus.

Jacob finds someone else's math more interesting than his.
The funny part was after this, Nick got indignant and overprotective and said, "Stop it, Jakey! You're messing Lizzie up!!"
Too funny.

Ignore the background mess.
I'm sure that isn't typical of a homeschooler's house.

My house never, ever looks that way.
This is unusual.
Just ask my kids.
No, no, don't ask them....

February 14, 2012

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Well, I'll admit it.  I feel a bit like a Valentine's Day failure.  I kept thinking last week that I had plenty of time to prepare and then time got away from me!  So, I'm trying to recover (and think of a stunning, romantic dinner to cook for tonight--Nathan is counting on it).

Luckily, Jessica saved me with this simple little treat.  It really made our afternoon snack time a big hit.

(I know mine aren't as cute as Jessica's! That's okay, my kids didn't see hers! haha!)

And while we were enjoying that treat, we read up on dear Valentine from Saints: A Year in Faith and Art and colored Charlotte's coloring page. 

I have the blogosphere to thank for helping me out today!

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

February 11, 2012

February 10, 2012


Apparently, this is the best way to do one's spelling.  (If you're nuts!).  Or a homeschooler.  (Or both!).  Or most likely, you're a boy and you have to do spelling so you might as well make it interesting.

February 9, 2012

{PHFR}--Zoo edition.

round button chicken

My {PHFR} post for this week is from our zoo trip on Monday.
We decided on a last minute trip because the weather was so beautiful.
I'm really glad we went when we did, the temperature dropped on Tuesday and would not have been very enjoyable for little Pete.

I can call him pretty if I want!
My two pretty pictures, although first in the post, are on the way out.
I just like the shadows and the blue sky in this one.
And I remember the joy of the moment so that makes it pretty to me too!

Our last stop was the playground.
Everyone got their last bit of energy out and enjoyed some pretzels and a juice box.
It was great to be out in the sunshine.

Nick really wanted to see the elephants.
Right away.
We saw them and he said, "I wanna go home now."
Which he repeated (but not emphatically), several times.
He had a great time though so I'm not really sure why he kept saying that!

The boys were all taking turns with the camera.
Boys really like reptiles.
And, apparently, reptiles with their soon-to-be dinner.
This owl didn't look real.
I had to convince the kids that he was.
He's really cool, I love his eyes!

Make sure you stop by LMLD for more {PHFR}!

February 8, 2012


Liz (screaming at the top of her lungs):" NOOOO! NO chicken, get out of the car! NO NO NO! Get out, get out! GET OUT OF THE CAR!!!!"

At which point, she attempted to kick said chicken, luckily the chicken fled quickly and Liz shut the car door.

Only at my house!

February 7, 2012

HHS Mandate.

Just a little pop-in here.  I've been meaning to post on this and haven't.  If you haven't contacted your Congress-person about the new Health and Human Services mandate, now's the time.  This is a serious infringement on our religious rights and moral beliefs.  Lots of other people have discussed it at length (and better than I can).  But here are a couple of links.

Six things you should know about the mandate from the USCCB:

And NCHLA makes it really easy to send an email to your contact person:

If you have any other great links/resources to add about this mandate, feel free to post in the comments below.

February 3, 2012

Crochet stuff.

Well, a long time ago (I don't remember when exactly, but I know it has been so long that you've forgotten but I haven't), I promised to post some crafty stuff I've been working on. And, well, here we are. Months later. Don't hold your breath around here! :) One of the new endeavors of mine has been learning to crochet. Now, I've always wanted to knit and some classes were being offered at our parish for knitting and crocheting. The knitting class happened in the morning when I would have my kids and the crochet class in the evening when I could leave said kids with Ken. So, I learned crochet!

I used to think that crochet was only for afghans!  But, I'm quickly learning there is a lot of versatility here (though I still think knitting would still be really useful to learn).

The first thing I made was a scarf!  I worked on it all the way to CA and back (which really isn't that much because I spent a lot of time helping little people in the car and when they didn't need me--it was dark!).
The full length version.
If I had to do it over again--I would make it more narrow.
1st Lesson learned: Don't be afraid to deviate from the pattern.
The second and third things I made were hats. 
I really, really wanted to make a hat for Peter.
Both times, by the time I finished them, they were too small.
Lesson #2: Plan ahead (and the patterns are often on the small side).

Isn't this adorable?
Of course, mostly what makes it cute is an adorable little girl.
Lesson 3: Have fun--it doesn't always have to be practical!
(Because sometimes I think that way!)

Lesson 4?  Keep on trying!  I'm on my fourth hat pattern (the third I quit halfway through after determining I didn't like it) and third scarf (the second turned out very cool but I gave it away without taking a picture).  I've made a few dishcloths and silly little things like that. 

The joy is in the making, I think. 

And my sanity is saved by having something to do with my hands while I go over spelling again and again and again....

February 2, 2012


round button chicken

I know you won't believe me.
Mae is even prettier in person.  :)
And quite possibly the best puppy we've ever had.
I just never get tired of the variation in color of our eggs.
And our little flock is producing like crazy!
I have 7 dozen eggs in my fridge right now!

We've had some glorious un-winter-like weather this week.
It is unfortunate that we are still feeling under-the-weather.
At least Nick enjoyed swinging with a mouth full of animal cookies!

Funny and Real!


The funny part is this little face Peter makes these days.
Closes his eyes, smiles and throws his head back.
Makes me giggle every time.

The real part is that though he was happy momentarily in these pictures...
they were taken at 1 AM.
Not funny, very real.
He is battling with his second ear infection in a month.
And very, very sad.
I'm sure you can tell that by these pictures!
Nonetheless, a sad baby who won't sleep and won't nurse makes for a sad mommy!
And that is the most unfortunate kind of real.

This is another of the silly face but in the morning this time.
Do you think he enjoyed his yogurt?
The other real is that my baby is growing up real fast.
He's 8 months old today!