February 15, 2012

Math moments.

Trying to knock myself out of the homeschool "blahs" over here.  I'm torn between wanting to do a million crafty things or going back to bed.  So, as a means of encouraging myself, I'll be randomly posting some of our homeschool moments.  :)  Or secretly, I'm going with distraction option number 3--blogging!

Nathan loves have a Peter helper for math.

I tease Nathan that if Peter gets the answers wrong it still goes against his score.

Elizabeth randomly does school.
But she's not in school yet.
So, I consider it a bonus.

Jacob finds someone else's math more interesting than his.
The funny part was after this, Nick got indignant and overprotective and said, "Stop it, Jakey! You're messing Lizzie up!!"
Too funny.

Ignore the background mess.
I'm sure that isn't typical of a homeschooler's house.

My house never, ever looks that way.
This is unusual.
Just ask my kids.
No, no, don't ask them....

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