February 2, 2012


round button chicken

I know you won't believe me.
Mae is even prettier in person.  :)
And quite possibly the best puppy we've ever had.
I just never get tired of the variation in color of our eggs.
And our little flock is producing like crazy!
I have 7 dozen eggs in my fridge right now!

We've had some glorious un-winter-like weather this week.
It is unfortunate that we are still feeling under-the-weather.
At least Nick enjoyed swinging with a mouth full of animal cookies!

Funny and Real!


The funny part is this little face Peter makes these days.
Closes his eyes, smiles and throws his head back.
Makes me giggle every time.

The real part is that though he was happy momentarily in these pictures...
they were taken at 1 AM.
Not funny, very real.
He is battling with his second ear infection in a month.
And very, very sad.
I'm sure you can tell that by these pictures!
Nonetheless, a sad baby who won't sleep and won't nurse makes for a sad mommy!
And that is the most unfortunate kind of real.

This is another of the silly face but in the morning this time.
Do you think he enjoyed his yogurt?
The other real is that my baby is growing up real fast.
He's 8 months old today!


  1. Aw, poor baby! Luckily he's really very cute indeed. That makes up for a lot at 1am, don't you think?

  2. That last photo is so adorable. What a cutie. :)

  3. Ah, yes, Rosie--all part of God's wonderful plan! Cute baby=mama who is willing to put up with anything at any hour!

  4. I love your kitchen prayer.
    Pretty eggs! Hope your little one gets over the ear infection soon.