February 9, 2012

{PHFR}--Zoo edition.

round button chicken

My {PHFR} post for this week is from our zoo trip on Monday.
We decided on a last minute trip because the weather was so beautiful.
I'm really glad we went when we did, the temperature dropped on Tuesday and would not have been very enjoyable for little Pete.

I can call him pretty if I want!
My two pretty pictures, although first in the post, are on the way out.
I just like the shadows and the blue sky in this one.
And I remember the joy of the moment so that makes it pretty to me too!

Our last stop was the playground.
Everyone got their last bit of energy out and enjoyed some pretzels and a juice box.
It was great to be out in the sunshine.

Nick really wanted to see the elephants.
Right away.
We saw them and he said, "I wanna go home now."
Which he repeated (but not emphatically), several times.
He had a great time though so I'm not really sure why he kept saying that!

The boys were all taking turns with the camera.
Boys really like reptiles.
And, apparently, reptiles with their soon-to-be dinner.
This owl didn't look real.
I had to convince the kids that he was.
He's really cool, I love his eyes!

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  1. What a fun outing to break up a winter day. Love the owl photo.

  2. Nice that you had a good day for this - love the owl!

    (my verification word is "listen"!)