March 15, 2012


round button chicken
The I-don't-do-anything-edition!
(I can't talk about dinner.  Not only am I not making it--I'm not even sitting at the table.  Let's talk about it later, okay? When, maybe, I actually have something to do with it again!)

She's pretty even with a head full of rollers!
This was the first time we tried this with hot curlers.

Chattin' with Grandpa.
Notice the socks don't match!
I hear it is all the rage.
I'm going with it. 
Snuggling and talking cameras.

The picture itself isn't funny. 
But the memory is!
Peter is playing with a whole bag of chocolate chips that Nicholas worked forever at wrestling out of the freezer with one arm.
Nicholas has a slight issue with chocolate chips (or any sugar, for that matter).
It is an addiction.
He needs help.  :)
He gets it from his mother.
Anyway, I tried to get it on video but was a moment too late.
This is the picture of the moment after that moment where Nicholas abandoned his spoils to his younger brother to go shut the freezer door.
Good boy!


My disaster corner!
I know, it is a little too "real" isn't it?
It is for me!

*As a little side note, as I was typing--for some weird reason the 'g' key wouldn't work.  It was pretty funny trying to read this post with no 'g's.  Then, suddenly it did work so I went back and added them.  But, it might have been better to leave them as is! :)


  1. If your only disaster area is a corner, good for you!! ha ha

    I hope you'll be on both feet soon!

  2. I agree with Lisa - my whole upstairs is a disaster area (and yet here I am :-) I love the sock thing - I try to make sock matching a game, but at 5 and 4, my boys are on to me and disappear when the time comes. I hope you are back on both feet soon!

  3. I have no idea why I show up as Anonymous. I'm Kathryn from (here from Like Mother, Like Daughter). Just so you don't think I'm some weirdo :-)

  4. Thanks Lisa and Kathryn! And, Kathryn, I didn't think "weirdo ", but I'll come check out your blog soon. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Love the boy with his Grandpa! He looks so happy!