March 22, 2012


round button chicken

She's lucky she has a momma who'll always think she's pretty!
It is so fun to see how she'll dress next!

Real pretty.
I was just enjoying the clouds and happy to be sitting outside!

Happy and Funny.

Peter loves to splash and he was really happy to explore the deck.

Liz and a kool-aid stand.
She did sell a lot of kool-aid to her brothers.
A girl must be happy to have thirsty brothers!
She also sold a cup to a neighbor for a $1.
He told her to keep the change.
I'm pretty sure he doesn't like kool-aid.
But he does have a soft spot for kids.

Real messy.

Real hungry.
Also, really patient to wait to clean out the high chair.

It's March.  80 degrees.
Have to cut the grass.
Real crazy!
But, we're loving it!


  1. Love your post! Isn't it great to be enjoying the outdoors. Water play in March, who woulda thunk?

  2. I've also been loving this weather - a real blessing.

  3. I love the look on Peter's face while splashing... so cute! ~Annita +JMJ+