March 29, 2012


round button chicken

Buckeye in bloom. 

Some of the few tulips that the puppy didnt eat!
Both photos by Nathan.

Swing time with big brother Nathan!
I think that stick in the background was an attempt to be a part of the picture, not inflict harm!
Photo by Patrick.
We gave Nick a tricycle for his birthday.
Dad had to try and assemble it with lots of helpers.
And there was a child in his lap (either Peter or Nick) the entire time.

Nick on his tricycle with his basket helmet.
My two kids with casts and crutches.
They broke their legs on thorns.
Cute and funny!

A joint birthday party with Grandparents and God-parents.
It was a big party, and lots of fun.
The real part is that Jacob didnt want a combined party.
But, sometimes when your birthday is only 7 days away from your brothers, you have to make concessions.
They both had a great day full of fun, cousins, presents and junk food!
(Side note: This is the first birthday cake EVER that I did not make! And, it was really peaceful!)


  1. Love the basket helmet - too cute!!!

  2. Thanks for commenting! I almost forgot to link up at LMLD! :) There has at least been a whole lot of funny in the middle of all the arguing that's been going on!

  3. Oh, my goodness - broke their legs on thorns! It sounds awful.

    This is a cute post, from the dad trying to work with the kid in his lap, and the two on the swing!

    1. Who knew thorns were so dangerous?! Thanks!