March 6, 2012

The view from here.

I have a limited view these days!  I don't move much around the house.  I did think this was sort of unique for my life as I know it.  I don't get out much.  I think I have sat on the front porch twice since I broke my ankle!  I only leave the front door if Ken is home (because I'm petrified of falling on my face from tripping over my own crutches).  So, I'm sharing my view from here (meaning the recliner)!

Notice Peter is hanging next to his big brother Nathan.
Whenever Nathan gets up and moves away from Peter, he cries!
He gets so sad!
I think he is becoming really attached to Nathan because Nathan is taking care of him a lot--carrying him up to bed, sometimes changing a diaper and his clothes.  They'll have a special bond when this is all over.

Liz and Nick decorating the windows.
Pictures attached with stickers because they couldn't find tape!
I hope the stickers come off easily!

Lots of movies and snuggle time.

Patrick plays with Nick and his Peter "monkey." 
Patrick has a good way of including Peter into their crazy games.
Which Peter loves, of course!

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