April 5, 2012


round button chicken
Now, dont go saying EWWW!
This little momma mouse had made herself a cozy nest under our dog house.
Her nest was pretty until we messed with it.
What I thought was so sweet was how she did her little best to protect her babies from us.
The kids took her into the woods where she would be safe from the dogs.

And, I just want to say how wonderful it is to see my kids so loving of one of Gods creatures.
Ive noticed other kids--they arent.
I saw some kids being mean to a frog a couple of weeks ago and I thought, that is really odd that they would be mean to that frog. 

We are definately a *people come first* family.  But that doesnt mean we dont think highly of all of Gods creatures.

Even spiders and mice.
As long as they arent in my house, lol!

Peter has never been a clean eater but we have reached a point where a bath in the sink after every meal is almost a necessity.
Though, you wonder how clean he could be when he loves playing in the dirty dishwater!

Funny the pictures you find on your camera when you go to see what you have for {PHFR}!
Dont your lego people play ping pong?

It can be real hard getting through phonics sometimes.
Like when your baby brother rips your pages. 
And real annoying when your other brother insists on practicing his phonics sounds too.

Thats just real life! :)


  1. Same here, school with a toddler in the way! It's amazing anything gets done. Makes for great memories.

    1. Only by the grace of God (and sometimes not even then, lol!). Yes, we will all cherish these times together!

  2. Oh, I wouldn't say "eww" to a mouse - they're cute little things!

    Happy Easter to you!

    1. My husband isn't so fond of them! But, I think so, too.

  3. Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance! I have a question about your blog. HeatherVonsj(at)gmail(dot)com

    1. You can always contact me via my profile over there on the sidebar!

  4. My first grader was really upset the other day because some classmates treat the class guinea pig improperly - as if it doesn't register that the animal can feel pain or fear. This is why I love to see the linkups with PFHR, because I have hope!

    1. There is always hope! Poor guinea pig, but I think respect for all of God's creatures really stems from a respect for Life. If we don't respect people, then why would we respect anything else? I think kids get this idea early on. When they feel cherished and see a culture of life in our homes then that transfers over. God bless!

  5. No, our lego men "lie in wait" until I come walking through the room in my bare feet! I've been stepping on those darn things for more than 20 years! ;)

    1. Haha! Yes they do!! Maybe yours are of the ninja variety?

  6. We found a mouse in our shed and it was time for a homeschool lesson. And I didn't say Ewww I screamed and ran out of the shed through all of my children including 22month old twins. The kids loved learning about it and although we didn't capture it and release it into the woods we did manage to remove it from the shed. By we I mean the hubby and the kids .BTW love the big eyed boy getting the sink bath so cute.:)

  7. Ha! At least the mouse provided an impromptu lesson! Thanks for commenting!

  8. I wouldn't be saying "ewww", much to my humiliation it would most likely be and "EEEEEEK!"

    I have a bunch of amateur photographers in my family--never know what I'm going to find on my camera! And I love your Kitchen Prayer:)