April 26, 2012


round button chicken

Locust trees in bloom.
They actually smell good, too!

Peter has decided that he will tolerate grass if it means I let him explore.

Five of six on swings at once is a rare treat!
The river beckons.
We had an impromtu stop at a park we'd never been to.
It was really nice and we'll be visiting again soon.
We also saw quite a few Eastern Bluebirds, which we love.

Nick loves to share his food with Peter.
Sometimes, it isn't Mom-approved.
A graham cracker is fine though!

A broken banister makes for a quick pass-through when the baby gate is up.
Especially, when you must quickly engage in a nerf war with your brothers.
Ken joked that "we did that on purpose" just for Nick.


  1. What great photos! I especially love the kids on the swings and running down the hill. Sweet.

  2. Great pics! Happy Thursday! +JMJ+

  3. My brother built a swing set for his kids--6 swings so everyone gets one:) Looks like spring in your neck of the woods!

    1. We plan on adding more swings onto ours but it just hasn't happened yet! Still, it is rare to find enough swings for everyone on a park playground.

  4. Oh, how sweet! My youngest hated grass when she was a wee one; I could put her on a blanket in the yard and she wouldn't move off it :)

  5. I enjoyed your pictures. That park looks like lots of fun!