May 4, 2012

Flashback Friday.

Flashback to an earlier time in our family life.
Nathan, Patrick, and I hanging out on the couch.

On the boardwalk to the Ocracoke Lighthouse.
I have one of Patrick toddling here but it must be only in print.

Today, there are three for the price of one.  This flashback takes us back to 2003 when we only had two kids, we were young and free, and moving from one city to another.  We were crazy and took two vacations that year.  One in May and one in September, both to the Outer Banks.  These pics are from the September trip (I don't have digital images from the May one.  Back then we were almost all film!).  Both of those trips hold fond memories for me.  Moments of just hanging out and being a family.  I think they are the fondest because they were sweet--not really doing anything in particular just enjoying each other.  We took our time.  We took naps.  We went to the beach or we didn't.   The weather was just chilly enough that we didn't always want to go.  We meandered and went to places that we wouldn't normally get a chance to go.  And, notice, I actually have three pictures with me in them.  I must have forced my husband into taking pictures a lot on this trip!

Want to play along? Leave a comment with a link and I'll come see your flashback!

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