May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Five years ago today, our first pink bundle of joy was born.  And so far, the only one!  You are truly special to us and we praise God that He gave us such a wonderful gift as you.  You have a sweetness and a joy that is just perfectly you.  And you were so happy to be 5 today!  5 is a very big number.

We tried to make today special for you since Daddy was out of town.  We had a very full day at the zoo with some of your (and all of our) dearest friends.  You picked pizza for dinner (surprising since you really don't always care for pizza but I think you were trying to make your brothers happy).  You got a very little present today and ice cream for dessert.  You said today was great and it really was.

Happy 5th Birthday, sweet girl!  We love you!
Photo by Patrick


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! We love going to the zoo... what a great way to spend a birthday! +JMJ+

    1. Thank you! (We thought so too!)

  2. Happy Birthday Lizzie! We love you!