May 26, 2012


A bunny is a quiet pet,
A bunny is the best thing yet,
A bunny never makes a sound,
A bunny's nice to have around.
A bunny, though, is never heard,
He simply never says a word.
A bunny's a delightful habit,
No home's complete without a rabbit.

*Which, if you haven't read "Marshmallow" it really is an adorable book.
And, hence, the name for our new bunny!


  1. Oh... we once had bunnies... Chocolate and Butterscotch. They were brothers, and they both got sick, and... But, we loved them so much and enjoyed them so much while we had them. Enjoy Marshmallow! +JMJ+

    1. Oh dear! Maybe you should fill me in on the details of bunny illnesses. I might not be as up on bunny care as I thought! Funny note--both of yours and mine were/are named after sweet stuff! :)

  2. sweet! Now I know what my gang is going to want! :)

    1. At least they are quiet and don't require a whole lot of care! :) I'm sure we'd be happy to let you "borrow" ours once in awhile!