May 3, 2012


round button chicken

Pretty and Happy.
My little camera doesn't do the beauty of the woods justice.

Happy boys in some pretty woods.

Shoveling sand in her church dress.
In boots and baby on her back, "just like a real Mom."

Elizabeth has been enjoying having her hair done lately.
I attempted the double french braid and failed miserably.
She was happy with it but I have to admit, I am a bit envious of those of you who can plait the perfect braid.
Feel free to pass along any advice!

Our Mary corner.
Above a bookshelf upstairs.
Sometimes we put flowers here.
The plants are Nathan's and he cares and rearranges them regularly!
I thought the print by Botticelli was fitting to be above a bookshelf.  :)


  1. It's wonderful the children can be free to run and play. Lizzie's braids are beautiful, I need to learn to french braid!

    1. I'll teach you my rather sloppy way! :)

  2. Wonderful pictures! I love the one with your daughter with her baby on her back! :) +JMJ+

    1. Thank you! She cracks me up (and that baby backpack has definately been well-loved!).

  3. How lucky you are--my girls run screaming if I try to do their hair! I always had this lovely dream of when I had daughters, doing their hair in fancy braids and such. Oh well!

    1. Normally, Liz does too! But we've been working on growing out her bangs (and not trying to chew on her hair) so she's been letting me do it. And asking me to for a change. I always figured it had something to do with being one girl in the midst of boys--I don't do their hair so she doesn't want hers done. Maybe that is starting to change now that she is getting older?

  4. Charming pictures - really cute with your daughter with the "baby" on her back, like a mommy.