May 17, 2012


round button chicken

I just like all the colors in this photo.
And I like that man, he's my favorite.

A day at the park.
The first in a long, long time.
I walked the whole loop and was pretty happy.
The kids got ice cream, that made them very happy!

Peter sticks his tongue out all the time and he looks so silly!
Those little overalls were my husbands and all of my boys have worn them.

Peter is ridiculously afraid of the sound of the mower (even if he's inside). 
But that doesn't stop him from wanting to sit on it if it is off.
Nathan is more than happy to oblige.  
St. Francis, who was very real a couple of weeks ago, has been repainted and moved to another (hopefully, safer) location.


  1. I love the farmer picture and Peter is so cute in his "vintage" overalls!!

  2. Hi! Adorable Spring photos!
    Come stop by my blog and leave a comment so I know you have visited!

  3. Oh, your little man is adorable! Those blue eyes pop! +JMJ+

  4. St. Francis has made a nice recovery, I see!