May 24, 2012


round button chicken


I love the colors!

It seems so simple.
I love living in the country.
I love those red barns in the top photo and how the sun glints off of the metal roofs.
I admire them every time I drive by.
I love that you can see for miles and miles and the rays of sun through the clouds.
I love how being in the country inspires me to appreciate God's beauty and that He made all of this.

These two aren't authorized for anything, let me tell ya!
A boy-made contraption that made their father proud.
The entire purpose is to be able to suspend oneself over a pit of muddy water in order to drain the pit with a five gallon bucket.
And then jump in the muddy pit with your boots on, of course.
So that it can rain and you can do it all over again.

Waiting for the solar eclipse that happened last Sunday.
Ken and the boys made pinhole viewers and everything.
We didn't see anything.
Right before the sun dipped behind the trees, it clouded over.
Maybe next time!


  1. What a disappointment! A beautiful shot of the sun anyway, and I like your porch.

  2. I grew up being able to see for miles around and loved it. Now I'm in the pacific northwest-- I see a lot of trees!