May 31, 2012


round button chicken

Elizabeth's 5th birthday party.
Pretty in pink!

Nathan finally saved enough money for a dirt bike.
Boy, is he happy.
It is amazing to me because I look at this bike on its own and I think, "It's huge! There is no way he can ride that!"  Then, I see him on it and it fits him perfectly.
Which then makes me think, "Oh my goodness, he's so big! I can't believe it!"
It is amazing how your children just sprout before your very eyes.

We celebrated Peter's 1st birthday this weekend as well.
He isn't one quiet yet.
Not for a few more days.
The funny is that he had more interest in his sister's presents than even looking at  his own.
He didn't open one, didn't even try! 
He also didn't want anything to do with his cake.
He just wanted the candle off the top.
And he just threw the piece of cake we gave him.
In all honestly, we didn't get around to cake until 8 or so.
Much too late for a nearly-one-year-old to be agreeable about it all.

When Ken came home from California last week and pulled in the driveway at 1 AM, this is what he found.
I wondered why the dogs were going crazy.
Little did I know that Mae had her very own 'coon treed on the porch.
The unfortunate part is that he got away again.
All in all, he (or his siblings) have managed to get 5 of our 6 new chicks.
This homesteading stuff is tough.
We finally caught the guy (mainly because we finally set a trap) and he looks young to me.
Which makes me think there is probably a litter lurking in the woods still.
At least we haven't lost any more chickens since we caught this one!

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  1. Love your pictures this week! Everyone is getting so big!