May 23, 2012

Spring Schedule in Review.

Spring is a busy time of year!  Some of the things that have been keeping our evenings busy are sports and 4-H.  At least three nights during the week, as well as soccer games on Sundays, and some of those nights we've had to split up and go opposite directions.  Soccer is over now, Ultimate almost is, and 4-H will continue through July.  But one thing won't be so bad!


Nathan and Patrick are both signed up for 4-H.  Patrick is just doing Poultry which has only meant a workshop and a club meeting so far.  Nathan is doing dog training with Mae which meets every Monday evening.  Not only is dog training a lot of work (and I was scrambling to get all of her shots done in time to turn in paperwork for the fair), but poor Nathan has a hard time of it with a puppy that is as big as he is.  Mae is smart but rambunctious and if she doesn't want to do something--no one can make her do it.
That's Nathan trying to get Mae to heel.
She obviously has other ideas. 
Meanwhile, the three littlest kids and I get to hang out in the car or in the grass.
Making salad and crowns of clover, of course.
Babies need crowns, too.
Peter is trying to decide if clover salad will pair well with his water.
Or, maybe, he needs some dressing on top.

Nathan and Patrick play Ultimate once a week along with some of their cousins.  Patrick doesn't love it but Nathan does.
Patrick waiting for a pass.
Nathan making a good play.
The rest of us enjoying snacks on a blanket.
Patrick and Jacob both played soccer this spring. Nathan would have played if there had been enough kids in his age bracket for a team. The blessing is that Jacob was able to play up and be on Patrick's team (which Ken co-coached). That really cut down on the run time. If Jacob hadn't, we would have had sports every night of the week.  The sad part is they never won a game.  The good news is that Patrick scored one of only two goals of the season and Jacob assisted him!  Brother teamwork!
The whole team.
With a bonus little girl.
Wonder who's girl that is? Hmmm.  
Patrick getting ready for action. 
Jacob on the slow down.
It was hot that day.
The other team probably just scored a goal. 
More blankets, balls, and chairs.
And a wee one who has decided that Momma has been away too long and he's coming to get her himself.
With the keys.
He looks far too big in this picture!
Yet, adorable in that hat!

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