June 21, 2012

Beach Memories.

We spent last week at the Outer Banks with our extended family.  We had a lot of fun but we didn't get much beach time!  The weather was so blustery that the beach wasn't very pleasant for any of us, especially the littler ones.  Luckily we had one good day of weather and the kids still had a blast hanging out with their cousins.
Our only family photo from the whole week!
(How'd we manage to forget to get one on the beach?)

Peter started the week off with an ear infection but by midweek decided that maybe this sand-n-water stuff was fun! 
Liz still enjoyed the beach in spite of the wind.

And on our one good day, I did manage to catch each kid enjoying themselves: 

On the other days we snuck in some off-beach fun:

Climbing the Corolla lighthouse.

Hunting crabs at the Whalehead club.

Visiting the Wright Brothers National Memorial.

The kids really enjoyed earning the Jr. Ranger badge and we learned a lot too!

We had a great week but going away really makes you appreciate coming home again!  Something about sleeping in your own bed is really nice.  :)


  1. So glad you had fun! Too bad the weather wasn't better. Happy Sunday! +JMJ+

  2. This seems to be an enjoyable vacation for your family. Were the waves a bit harsh during your vacation? Nevertheless, I can still see how happy your kids playing and walking in the sand. You really had a fun vacation because you’ve done a lot of things. I also appreciate the fact that you made your trip educational for your kids. It’s always good to combine fun and learning!