June 28, 2012


round button chicken

Chicken by the hydrangea.
I just love the late afternoon sun.

All the boys on one couch.
Coke slushies (made in the ice cream maker) on the front porch.

A happy toothless Jacob in the pool.
I think it is just funny to me because I know what his teeth look like up close and just the image of him makes me giggle.
He's adorable.

Poultry testing.
Our birds are clean from avian disease and they can participate in the fair.

Dog training workshop.

The real is that as the fair gets closer, 4-H heats up and I feel a bit like a 4-H failure because I'm having a hard time keeping up with it all.
And, Nathan is immensely frustrated because Mae isn't doing very well at her dog training.
She is a very stubborn pup.
So, he could use a few prayers that she starts cooperating enough to not embarras him totally at the fair.
He could use a confidence boost!


  1. Daniel was 11 when he did puppy training and dog showing with Bailey. His experience was similar but the judges were so kind! 4-H has so much to offer but it is a lot of work for mom and pop too!

    1. Everyone has been so kind and helpful. The judges and trainers have really tried to encourage him. He is just nervous about being in front of people and being embarrassed when Mae doesn't do what she's supposed to.

  2. Your pictures say to me, "Blessed". +JMJ+

    1. You are absolutely right! Have a happy 4th of July, Annita!