July 21, 2012


round button chicken

A couple days late for PHFR...but trying to keep up on some busy times and compiling it all here!

Produce from the garden, yum!  I love the colors.
We had this fantastic dinner last week where all the vegetables came from the garden: yellow squash and zucchini in foil packets on the grill, potatoes, green beans with a little butter and garlic, and fresh sliced tomato with a dash of salt (okay, I ate the whole tomato).  Delicious.
That yellow thing is a prematurely picked pumpkin.  Triple P.

Ken's work treated all of their employees to a Friday night baseball game that was followed by fireworks.
Not only were we spoiled with great seats, a great game (the Reds won!), and great company, but Grandma and Grandpa watched the two littlest kids at home.
Which means, I actually got to enjoy the game instead of walking and wrangling little ones! :)

These two are just characters.
Biking around the drive wearing their shades.

Peter's hair is driving me real crazy.
The sides are straight and the back is curly, it is adorable.
I trimmed the sides to try and make it look a little neater but I really just want to chop it all.
But, I know I'll cry if I do because he'll suddenly look so big!
So, I'm trying to restrain myself because I love the curls.
Even though I really want to cut it.

July 19, 2012

4H Poultry Show.

Monday was the 4H Poultry Show.  It was a long, long day.  We were supposed to be there by 9am for judging and have Showmanship around 4pm.  Which meant, I thought we'd get a break in the middle and get to come home and rest.  Not so.  Patrick was supposed to enter our 2 Australorps into the Layer competition but when we went to round-up the birds and bathe them---our favorite Australorp was gone.  Eaten overnight by some raccoons.
They gave out a 1st year Poultry trophy.
How cute is that?

Who have been caught and accounted for, btw.  The stinkers.  Patrick was devasted.  But, the poultry organizers and the extension office were so helpful and put our 1 remaining Australorp into Exhibition (which ended up being a good thing) and Patrick still was able to do Showmanship.
Lesson learned?  Enter more birds next year.  We only had those two birds tested and entered.  More birds increase your odds.
Exhibition judging in action.
As it all turned out, the Australorp Blackie didn't get judged until after lunch.  But, she got Reserve!  (basically, second place).  Granted, there were only three birds total in her class (English breeds)!  :)  Still, Patrick was very happy and it turned out to be a stroke of good luck.  She also got 1st Premium for being the only Australorp. 
Gathering his bird for Showmanship.

Second to last to talk to the judge.
That girl behind him won Grand Champ.
Incidentally, she also won Showmanship with the dogs.
She competed against both of my boys and won! :)

As for Showmanship, Patrick did a really good job even though he didn't place.  The judge asked him how long it takes an egg to mature (21 days) and he panicked and didn't know.  He was disappointed about that.  But, he handled the bird well and answered the other questions.  By the time that was over it was close to 6pm.  Oh my!  It was a really long day but well worth it.  And, we had the bonus of hanging out with some friends who were also showing poultry.
Patrick and Blackie.

July 18, 2012

4H Dog Show.

Being nervous before the show!

The 4H Dog Show took place last Friday but this is the first opportunity I've had to even look at the pictures!  Nathan did a really great job.  He was so stressed out and nervous right up until his event but he managed to get it together and get through it.

Waiting for their turn next.  Mae just wants to wrestle. 

Mae was not good.  Most of the time during heel, she just ran along and tried to eat Nathan's hand.  She wouldn't do her stand stay at all.  Which, we knew she would struggle.  Even though she would successfully perform a lot of the commands at home, in an arena with lots of distractions she just couldn't.  She looked like an 8 month old puppy who wanted to play out there.  And that is what she is!  But I have to give Nathan credit--he kept his cool.  Not once did he look flustered or lose his temper or anything.  And his trainer told the judge, "You should have seen this dog at the beginning of the year.  He has really made great strides with her." 

Actually heeling at this moment!

Waiting for awards.  Mae says, "I'm bored!"

Nathan was so thrilled when he got 4th place!  Granted, it was out of five in his class but his biggest worry was that he was going to be last.  He knew he had no hope of first but last was the worst.  We were all so happy for him!  He competed in two events, obedience and showmanship.  He didn't place in showmanship at all but that event is based on grade level, not skill level, and is really competitive.

Showing off his ribbon!

Relief!  It is all over!

July 13, 2012

Flashback Friday.

Flashback to an earlier time in our family life, same month.
July 2006
Coney Island
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July 10, 2012

Keepin' Cool.

Last week, we were in a heat wave--temps hovering around 100 degrees.  With a peak on Saturday around 104*.  That's hot.  Real hot.  Apparently, the heat wave has broken and we can now enjoy tempuratures around 91.  I feel so much cooler.  (ahem.)  At any rate, we've been doing our best to stay cool and not make the AC work any harder than it has to. 

We've been having lots of cold treats.  I mentioned the coke slushies, definately a favorite.  And we tried this homemade magic shell recipe I saw in Rachel Ray's Everyday magazine.  So simple--2 Tbsp coconut oil and 1 cup of chocolate chips.  The kids loved it.  I do think I can taste the hint of the coconut oil but no one else noticed (I personally didn't mind).

And then there was my watermelon slushie fail.  Simply--8 cups cubed watermelon, 2 cups sprite, blended together and put in the ice cream maker.  I didn't think it was bad--it tasted like really cold watermelon.  But no one else liked it.  I had to swap it out for lemonade instead! 
Speaking of watermelon....not only has Peter just been living in a diaper (who needs clothes when it is this hot?) but he has been quite enjoying the leftovers of someone else's fruit. :)  He loves chewing on those watermelon rinds!

Thankfully, the pool is up and functioning!  Also a great way to keep cool.  I like this particular picture because the flowers in the foreground hide all the disastrous dirt surrounding the pool!  Though with the heat as it was, the pool water was more like bathwater!  We keep joking that we need to dump ice in it to make it more refreshing. 

We really are just thankful that we aren't part of the nation who have been struggling through this heat with no electricity or battling floods (MN) or wildfires (CO).  Praying for all of you!

Gave me a giggle.

I just happened to come across the search terms that led some (unfortunate) soul here to MHH.  One was "mean cat and chickens" and one was "both ankles broken."  Lol!  Sorry, peeps.  We have had some variation of those terms but, um, probably not much in the way of info for you here.  Nonetheless, I had a good laugh from it! :)

July 6, 2012

Flashback Friday.

Flashback to an earlier time in our family life, same month.
July 2008

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July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Wishing you all a blessed 4th of July.  For truly, we are blessed to be living here and now in this great country.  Even with all the imperfections.  We have been blessed by those who have gone before us to make this nation great.  Let us thank the Lord today for His goodness and pray for the future of our nation!

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord....  Psalm 33:12
See it here.

July 1, 2012

7th Heaven.

Over there you will see a new gadget on our blog.

Yep, uh huh.

Baby 7, our newest member from heaven, is expected to debut about February 2nd, 2013!

Liz keeps saying, "I hope it is a sister!"
Nathan was thrilled because we now have to get a big ole cargo van.
Patrick can't wait to hold it (he's definately a baby-lover).
Jacob wants a boy.
Nicholas is ambivalent and Peter doesn't know whats coming!

As for me, I'm recovering from my initial shock and trying to manage morning sickness.  So far, things haven't been so bad so I can't complain.  I personally look forward to the first time I get to hear that heartbeat or see our little one on the ultrasound screen!