July 18, 2012

4H Dog Show.

Being nervous before the show!

The 4H Dog Show took place last Friday but this is the first opportunity I've had to even look at the pictures!  Nathan did a really great job.  He was so stressed out and nervous right up until his event but he managed to get it together and get through it.

Waiting for their turn next.  Mae just wants to wrestle. 

Mae was not good.  Most of the time during heel, she just ran along and tried to eat Nathan's hand.  She wouldn't do her stand stay at all.  Which, we knew she would struggle.  Even though she would successfully perform a lot of the commands at home, in an arena with lots of distractions she just couldn't.  She looked like an 8 month old puppy who wanted to play out there.  And that is what she is!  But I have to give Nathan credit--he kept his cool.  Not once did he look flustered or lose his temper or anything.  And his trainer told the judge, "You should have seen this dog at the beginning of the year.  He has really made great strides with her." 

Actually heeling at this moment!

Waiting for awards.  Mae says, "I'm bored!"

Nathan was so thrilled when he got 4th place!  Granted, it was out of five in his class but his biggest worry was that he was going to be last.  He knew he had no hope of first but last was the worst.  We were all so happy for him!  He competed in two events, obedience and showmanship.  He didn't place in showmanship at all but that event is based on grade level, not skill level, and is really competitive.

Showing off his ribbon!

Relief!  It is all over!


  1. Congrats Nate! We're so proud of you and your sweet pup!

  2. Congratulations! Your son sounds like a really good sport! +JMJ+