July 19, 2012

4H Poultry Show.

Monday was the 4H Poultry Show.  It was a long, long day.  We were supposed to be there by 9am for judging and have Showmanship around 4pm.  Which meant, I thought we'd get a break in the middle and get to come home and rest.  Not so.  Patrick was supposed to enter our 2 Australorps into the Layer competition but when we went to round-up the birds and bathe them---our favorite Australorp was gone.  Eaten overnight by some raccoons.
They gave out a 1st year Poultry trophy.
How cute is that?

Who have been caught and accounted for, btw.  The stinkers.  Patrick was devasted.  But, the poultry organizers and the extension office were so helpful and put our 1 remaining Australorp into Exhibition (which ended up being a good thing) and Patrick still was able to do Showmanship.
Lesson learned?  Enter more birds next year.  We only had those two birds tested and entered.  More birds increase your odds.
Exhibition judging in action.
As it all turned out, the Australorp Blackie didn't get judged until after lunch.  But, she got Reserve!  (basically, second place).  Granted, there were only three birds total in her class (English breeds)!  :)  Still, Patrick was very happy and it turned out to be a stroke of good luck.  She also got 1st Premium for being the only Australorp. 
Gathering his bird for Showmanship.

Second to last to talk to the judge.
That girl behind him won Grand Champ.
Incidentally, she also won Showmanship with the dogs.
She competed against both of my boys and won! :)

As for Showmanship, Patrick did a really good job even though he didn't place.  The judge asked him how long it takes an egg to mature (21 days) and he panicked and didn't know.  He was disappointed about that.  But, he handled the bird well and answered the other questions.  By the time that was over it was close to 6pm.  Oh my!  It was a really long day but well worth it.  And, we had the bonus of hanging out with some friends who were also showing poultry.
Patrick and Blackie.


  1. So cute! Way to go Patrick! That's a handsome bird, too! Or pretty I guess since she's a girl! :)

  2. What a fun time for your kids! Good experience and happy memories! +JMJ+