July 1, 2012

7th Heaven.

Over there you will see a new gadget on our blog.

Yep, uh huh.

Baby 7, our newest member from heaven, is expected to debut about February 2nd, 2013!

Liz keeps saying, "I hope it is a sister!"
Nathan was thrilled because we now have to get a big ole cargo van.
Patrick can't wait to hold it (he's definately a baby-lover).
Jacob wants a boy.
Nicholas is ambivalent and Peter doesn't know whats coming!

As for me, I'm recovering from my initial shock and trying to manage morning sickness.  So far, things haven't been so bad so I can't complain.  I personally look forward to the first time I get to hear that heartbeat or see our little one on the ultrasound screen!


  1. Hooray! Baby seven is so blessed to have a loving family eagerly awaiting his or her arrival. We are so excited for you! Our prayers are with you as your precious little one grows!

  2. Congrats! What wonderful news!! I'll add you and baby 7 to my prayer list on the fridge. Feb. 2nd is a great day to have a baby...our little Margaret will turn one year old on your baby's due date ;)
    Blessings on your pregnancy!

  3. Oh, Hope, just wonderful!!! +JMJ+

  4. Congratulations! Our number 7 is 4 months old and such a blessing to our home.

  5. Thank you all! Prayers are very appreciated!