July 21, 2012


round button chicken

A couple days late for PHFR...but trying to keep up on some busy times and compiling it all here!

Produce from the garden, yum!  I love the colors.
We had this fantastic dinner last week where all the vegetables came from the garden: yellow squash and zucchini in foil packets on the grill, potatoes, green beans with a little butter and garlic, and fresh sliced tomato with a dash of salt (okay, I ate the whole tomato).  Delicious.
That yellow thing is a prematurely picked pumpkin.  Triple P.

Ken's work treated all of their employees to a Friday night baseball game that was followed by fireworks.
Not only were we spoiled with great seats, a great game (the Reds won!), and great company, but Grandma and Grandpa watched the two littlest kids at home.
Which means, I actually got to enjoy the game instead of walking and wrangling little ones! :)

These two are just characters.
Biking around the drive wearing their shades.

Peter's hair is driving me real crazy.
The sides are straight and the back is curly, it is adorable.
I trimmed the sides to try and make it look a little neater but I really just want to chop it all.
But, I know I'll cry if I do because he'll suddenly look so big!
So, I'm trying to restrain myself because I love the curls.
Even though I really want to cut it.


  1. How exciting to be eating your own veggies! Peter's hair is so cute. It seems they lose the soft downiness once it is cut all over!

  2. Love the pictures. The garden produce looks great! My pumpkins didn't survive the heat wave plus our vacation, but fortunately my in-laws have a community garden plot and give us what they aren't using. :) Luckily for us it was a bumper crop year for tomatoes and zucchini.

  3. Fresh produce form the garden is so pretty! The first baby haircut is so hard for mamas!