August 29, 2012

Back to School.

Yesterday was our first day back to school.
We celebrated with coffeecake and cantaloupe for breakfast.
(Mom needed festive but easy).
And our "pencils" just like last year.
Except I forgot to buy the Hershey kisses.
And, they noticed and remembered!
I tried to say these are "unsharpened" pencils but the boys didn't buy it.
However, they did enjoy them immensely! :)
And in the course of the day I realized I can't find two very important books:
a science one for Jacob and a religion for Patrick.
Now I have to find out if I never really had them or if they are just somewhere they shouldn't be!
And I realized it helps a bit to go over the lesson plans ahead of time to print/copy if need be and gather supplemental books.
But, that is what the first day is for, right?
St. John the Baptist de la Salle (patron of teachers), pray for us!
St. Thomas Aquinas (patron of students), pray for us!
Wishing you all a fruitful and blessed school year.

August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Patrick!

This past weekend Patrick turned 10.
Double digits.
Happy Birthday, Patrick!
We love you and your smile!
We are so blessed to have you and your easygoing ways in our lives.
May you have a blessed year!

August 24, 2012

Making the cut.

Peter finally got his hair cut.

I didn't cry.

I actually like it better now.  You know it is kind of time to cut your little boy's hair when you could make it into a ponytail! :)  I can't say I did the best job on his hair but that is the way it goes with a wiggly 14 month old--you just cut as fast as you can!
Before: long and curly and yes, adorable.

After: short and wavy and yes, still adorable!

The reward for a hair cut: a hairy lollipop.
In my defense, I did wash it off and he finished it hair-free!

August 23, 2012

For the love of macaroni salad.

I've had some weird cravings this pregnancy.  Which is kind of odd for me.  Usually I might crave something but I taste it and I'm done.  No more.  This baby likes consistency.

Nutella.  Every day.

Macaroni salad.  At least once a week.

Chef Boy-ar-dee Mini Beef Ravioli.  Time of day varies but usually 10am.

Oatmeal with brown sugar and maple syrup. (The real maple syrup. I don't like the other stuff). Every day for breakfast.

But, let's go back to the macaroni salad.

I tried the store stuff.  Bleck.  Sometimes I can tolerate it but currently, it is too vinegary for my taste.

Can you believe I had never made macaroni salad?  I don't know, maybe I thought it was too hard?

And then.....

I stumbled upon Pioneer Woman's Macaroni Salad.  Oh, it is glorious.  And easy.  I can't believe how easy.

However, I tweaked it a bit.  So, I am reposting my slightly altered version here.  Mostly so that I can replicate it for myself.  I hope she is okay with that.  You know, that I changed it.  Maybe you shouldn't tell her!  I won't, if you don't.  Okay?
Updated with a photo: still warm!

4 cups macaroni (I used less more like 2-3 cups)
1/2 cups mayo
1 Tablespoon white vinegar
3 teaspoons sugar
1/4 cup milk
splash of dill pickle juice to taste
salt to taste
pepper to taste
(here's where I really differ):
1/2 to 1 cup frozen mirepoix blend (I just eyeball it--carrots/onions/celery)
1/4 cup (again, eyeballed) chopped sweet gherkins

Cook macaroni according to package, drain and cool.
Mix mayo, vinegar, sugar, milk, salt and pepper.  Splash in pickle juice.
Place cooled macaroni in a large bowl and pour on most of the dressing, toss and add mirepoix blend and gherkins.  Add the rest of the dressing if you'd like (I do).
Chill and serve.

Only I can never wait for the "chill" part so I eat some warm and then eat some more later when it is cold.  And then, I eat some in the middle of the night.  I eat it straight from the bowl because no one else but me eats it! Yum!  And, if you try it and you think my changes are gross, well... don't tell me.  The baby might hear.

And yes, go visit Pioneer Woman.  And tell her I said thank you. :)

August 22, 2012


Hey, there.

Seems forever since I've been here.  Frankly, I'm tired of looking at the same old pictures on my own blog.  :) 
Bamboo forest at the zoo.

At any rate, things are looking up here (fingers crossed, praying...).  I had a couple of really rough weeks.  Couldn't keep anything down one day, fine the next but trying to make up for the dishes in the sink from the day before.  I guess at least I should be happy there was somewhat of a pattern!

Catching critters at the creek.
Migraines, nausea, (crankiness because I really don't like feeling that bad--it wears on me physically and emotionally) and all that fun stuff.  The next day I would wake up and be, "hmm...I think it is going to be okay!" and eat myself silly and clean the kitchen and have playdates.  Then, bam, I'd wake up and be totally out-of-it again.  Crazy.

I've been counting the good days.  I have felt great since last Thursday. 

Great.  Absolutely wonderful.  Finally at 16 weeks.

It is the wildest thing--I keep waiting for the bomb to drop.  And trying to remind myself to slow down a bit and still rest so that I don't do it to myself.

Nick playing with the fish we caught.
So, we are packing in all the fun that we can.  Pool time, park time, zoos, museums and play days.  I laugh at myself because I've barely taken any pictures.  So unlike me.  I'll take one from each event if I'm lucky.  Scrapbook pages from the summer will be really light! 

Enjoying the cool water.
We might start school next week.  Depending on how I feel.  We have a birthday and dentist appointments at the beginning of the week so I may wake up on Tuesday and feel like I'm too tired to get started.  We have been doing math, though, so that is something. 

A twilight fire and roasted marshmallows.

I'm looking ahead too.  I'm not ready for summer to be over but I really love fall.  I am looking forward to sports and fires and even school (a little bit).  I'm looking forward to hitting that 20 week mark of this pregnancy and getting to see this little one on the ultrasound.  And then, before you know it, there will be holidays and all sorts of fun.

Being goofy at Nana's pool

August 7, 2012


My kids have eagerly been re-arranging our front room in order to accommodate some desks for school.  I've been a little apprehensive about all the changes.  I think the room looks way too crowded now.  But, even since I've taken this picture I now have two children working on an art lesson and one doing a Math lesson. 

Be still my beating heart.

Say what? I didn't have to cajole them into this? Um, no, I was busy laying on the couch feeling ill with my hands over my eyes.  It was all the energy I could muster to explain the art lessons. 

Someone--remind me of this glorious moment in March when I have a newborn and a schooling mutiny on my hands.  Okay?  :)

August 2, 2012

Chicken and Chikin'

Yesterday was Chik-fil-A Appreciation Day.  We drove through (or crept through since it was so busy) and enjoyed milkshakes for the kids and I had a sandwich.  We love Chik-fil-A, free speech, family values and milkshakes!
We also had picked up our new set of chicks on the way.  Which was funny to be waiting in line for chicken with all these little peeps going on in the car.  Liz suddenly yelled, "Don't tell them we have the chickens in the car!  They'll want to cook them for sandwiches!"
It was an all-around chicken-good kind of day!