August 24, 2012

Making the cut.

Peter finally got his hair cut.

I didn't cry.

I actually like it better now.  You know it is kind of time to cut your little boy's hair when you could make it into a ponytail! :)  I can't say I did the best job on his hair but that is the way it goes with a wiggly 14 month old--you just cut as fast as you can!
Before: long and curly and yes, adorable.

After: short and wavy and yes, still adorable!

The reward for a hair cut: a hairy lollipop.
In my defense, I did wash it off and he finished it hair-free!


  1. Handsome little man! I've been praying for you and that little unborn one. +JMJ+

  2. Great job! He looks super cute both ways.