October 15, 2012

All about Apples.

We were able to take a field trip to a local farm a couple of weeks ago.  It turned out to be us and just one other family but it was nice!  We were able to learn all about apple growing, sorting, storage and how to make cider.  And of course, take a tractor ride with a sampling of Jonathan apples.

Actually picking the apples is always an exciting event.  Between climbing in the trees for the biggest apples and getting to use the apple picker, fun was to be had.
Frankly, give the kids a long stick with a metal basket on the end and what could be more amazing?

It doesn't take long to pick 20 pounds of apples with 6 kids helping.
Luckily, they kept their strength up by sampling while they worked.
Peter sampled more than his fair share!

If you give a mom 20 pounds of apples.....
she will make applesauce.
And apple pie (2 of them--one to eat and one to freeze).
And, we tried crisping the peels in the oven with cinnamon sugar (it was in last month's issue of Martha Stewart magazine) but alas, dinner had to be made and they didn't crisp quite long enough.
They were good though.
We still have plenty to eat in the fridge (stored with a damp towel as recommended!) and the chickens thoroughly enjoyed their apple scraps!


  1. What precious pictures! Yummy too!!!

  2. Hey Hope, Just wanted you to know that you and your baby girl continue to be in my prayers! Peace, Annita +JMJ+

    1. Thanks, Annita! I appreciate it!