October 19, 2012

Fall Fun with the littles.

The "littles" and I had a fun fall walk the other day.  (The "littles" being the littlest half of my kids: Liz,  Nick, and Peter).  We set out to find some pretty leaves for a quick project and to enjoy the fresh air.  We were lucky to find lots of beauty and quite a few wildflowers still showing their pretty faces. 
Elizabeth was enraptured by the giant Sycamore leaves. 
The best thing about a walk with little ones is the way they are captivated by the smallest of details.
Here, Peter found a patch of moss and we spent at least five minutes trying to pet it, pluck it, and squash it.  All in the name of science, of course. 
Elizabeth found a bouncy branch and they all had to give wiggling it a try. 
Peter, too, of course. 
Elizabeth accumulated the most leaves for sure. 
Peter accumulated a frisbee and a shovel.
And gave me a funny, shruggy pose for the camera. 
Nicholas discovered a batch of hedgeapples.
Or monkey brains.
Or Osage Orange.
Call them what you want. 
Peter called them balls, found they were quite worthy of being thrown, and carried a supply back to the house.
After our walk, we enjoyed making the standard leaf rubbings.
They were most amazed that the rubbing "matched" their leaves exactly!
We also made leaf "suncatchers" with wax paper and Elizabeth took crafting to the next level by gluing all of her remaining leaves onto paper.

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