October 20, 2012

Field trip to Connor Prairie.

We took another field trip this week (and can I say....I have nothing planned for next week and I'm really relieved!).  This time we made a bit of a trek to Connor Prairie Historical Park to meet up with some friends who were on their fall break from school.  I, of course, took way too many pictures to share here but I'm posting a few of my favorite.  In the collage above, I have some of the more scenic images from the park.
When I told my boys where we were going, they groaned.  They didn't think doing something "educational" sounded like much fun.  But, I will tell you, they had a blast.  We were there all of their open hours--10am to 5pm and we enjoyed every bit of it and didn't get to quite "do it all."

Most of the kids---Peter is hiding back there in the stroller, and our friends had two little ones also in a stroller, not in the picture.
Some of our little Indians in the Lenape village.
We had a lot of fun here and learned about the Delaware Indians. 
One of the thrills of the day was learning how to throw a tomahawk.
Nathan is just about to release his throw here. 
And here, if you look close, you can see what a great hit he had! 
Here is one of Patrick's throws, you can see the ax in mid-air.
It didn't stick, the butt end of the ax hit the wood, but he still managed to hit the mark.
It is harder than it looks! 
The other big thrill of the day was basket-making.
My kids have been trying to make baskets out of goldenrod (it doesn't work but still they try) so they were extra excited to have a finished basket.
Among the other exciting things we enjoyed a "party" at the Dr.'s house (refreshments and dancing included).  Completing tasks in Prairietown--half the kids worked to be a "cook" and the other half a "farmhand".  During which they got to set a table, wash dishes, and milk a cow.  We also dipped candles and watched some pewter jewelry being made.  All in all, it was quite the fun AND educational day.  Made all the better by getting to enjoy it with friends.

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