November 1, 2012


round button chicken

Liz and Nick spent the last days of August collecting anything they thought would be a chrysalis or cocoon.
This one hatched last week and they were so excited.
We've been keeping this pet alive with strawberry slices and wet napkins.
We figure there is no point in letting it go as it is too cold outside anyway and will just die.
So, we will enjoy it while it lives and put it in our "bug box" when it has died.
There is always a competition going on over here for Peter's affections.
(He is a lucky boy).
Today, Elizabeth was thrilled to have his snuggly love for the better part of an hour.
I think that since the older boys were busy with schoolwork, she benefited by being an available book companion.
Happy memories!
My dear husband thought it would be a good idea to make a human pyramid.
It isn't as easy as it looks.
Especially when the 3 year old thinks the best way to get on top is to make a running jump.
Everyone's expressions crack me up.
And yes, my husband is grimacing from pain!
One year olds have "real" work to do too!
Just like their big brothers!

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