November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat!

We had a great All Hallow's Eve celebrated with cousins and grandparents!  And thankfully, all treats and no tricks.  :)
Our little engineer and duck waiting to go.
The duck was not happy about his costume unless he had some candy in his hands! 
The group as we were heading out.
As usual, three jedis and a princess (Rapunzel) to accompany our duck and engineer.
Dad and Peter "faux" trick-or-treating.
Peter never went up to the door.
He really wasn't sure about all these strangely dressed people everywhere!
The weather was cold and wet anyway so after a short jaunt around the neighborhood Nicholas, Peter, and I were very happy to go be cozy next to the fireplace and visit while the bigger ones carried on the quest for more candy!



  1. It was a fun night! The kids were so cute!

  2. FUN! We had a beautiful, crisp evening... so we hit every house in the neighborhood! Bittersweet, though, because our group is getting smaller as the years pass. Only three of our seven still go trick-or-treating. :(