December 17, 2012

Second Week of Advent in review.

As much as I would love to not cram all my pictures into one post, it seems that is all I can manage these days!  Better to record the days in some way than not at all, I suppose!  We had a wonderful second week of Advent and wrapped up all of our activities for the year.
We started off the week with the puzzle from St. Nicholas.
I think Ken and I are having the most fun working on this in the evenings! 
We had our first flurry of snow.
Though short lived, it was fun, fun, fun.
Notice they have on no socks and no shoes!
We celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Guadeloupe with tacos.
And we watched Juan Diego: Messenger of Guadeloupe.
We worked on our pyramid practice some more.
It looks pretty good but it really doesn't work because of the size differences. 
I like this one better.
Whew! No one can fall off and get hurt! :) 
We celebrated St. Lucia day with some cinnamon rolls.
From a can, thankyouverymuch.
Elizabeth was thrilled to be Eliza-Lucia for the morning. 
Funnily enough, we came home the same day to no power overnight.
So, we unexpectedly celebrated the Feast of the Saint of Light by candlelight.
It was cozy! 
Crafting has been at an all time high this week.
These kids can't get enough!
As we lit the third candle in the Advent Wreath this past Sunday, excitement has been at an all time high.
Exclamations of "Only one week until Christmas!" everywhere.
Truly, "Rejoice" is resonating over here and hopefully, is as well with you!

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  1. Precious! Your little Lucia is gleaming! Cozy days. I love the evening puzzle building. It's relaxing and peaceful. We joke that is how we will fill our days when we have an empty nest! ha ha.....