January 14, 2013

15 days.

Counting down.

15 days (not counting today!), 2 weeks of schooling....until we meet baby girl!  Induction scheduled for 1/29!

Granted, she could come on her own before then.

But, I'm not counting on it.

I'm so excited!

Now, back to nesting....which really means that everything I clean instaneously gets destroyed. But, hey, it was clean once!

I had to laugh, I was working on our school closet and had the bin of playdough stuff out. Peter not only dumped all the playdough stuff, but banged each item on the floor to get all the dried playdough out of each thing. He was fascinated. I had lots to sweep! Bonus is that the playdough toys are also now...clean! :)


  1. So exciting Hope! I can't wait to meet her. Our house needs some "nesting!" Praying for you, Roxie

  2. Prayers! So exciting! I cannot wait to read the good news!!! +JMJ+