January 7, 2013

Honest Admission.

We started back to school today.

It has been good!  Peaceful, in fact.

But, I was hoping for another week off.... I woke up yesterday miserable.  Headcold with a capital H.  Throwing up, which I think was actually just a recurrence of morning sickness because it only happened once and I didn't feel sick to my stomach at all the rest of the day.  But I panicked thinking the worst.

I had plans for errands to run and things to whip into shape yesterday before we jumped back into schooling.   Instead, I spent most of the day lounging around.

To top it off, I had contractions all day.  I was so darn uncomfortable but I was really hoping!  I was looking forward to the thought of snuggling a new wee one (and I'm just as bad as the kids---another week of vacation, woohoo!).

About 2am last night, it all suddenly stopped and I was just left tired and weary.   I'm pretty convinced that my body just likes to make me crazy and not actually produce a baby on its own!

So, Mama has been "schooling" from bed.  Mostly.  Trying to resign myself to 3 more weeks of school and sleepless nights! (Well, more nights of sleeplessness after that but at least it won't be from heartburn or faulty contractions!).

AND...I just want to say.  I have tried to post something since Christmas.  But Blogger wouldn't let me.  So, I took that as a sign and gave up!  There may be a lot of back-posting, lol!  So, Happy New Year, Happy Epiphany, and I hope that all of you are getting back into the swing of "ordinary" life!


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