January 15, 2013

Movin' on up!

Whenever I see this....
I start singing this...

Anyone else watch the Jeffersons? I'm not sure I'd let my kids watch it but after all these years I can still sing the theme song so I must have watched it a lot!

The kids think our new (to us) van is a big, giant playground.  I feel like I'm driving a tour bus!  "And, on our left....another corn field.  On the right, cows, folks!"  The biggest bonus of a giant van is that I no longer wonder where I parked in the grocery store parking lot....I can see it!  :)  In all seriousness, I feel so blessed to have such a big van to fill up and to be able to afford such a thing!


  1. You'll love it! We bought our first 12-passenger van 11 years ago and just traded it for another last week. Despite the fact that our family is shrinking :( with kids getting older and one having left the nest already, I love my big van. I can cart my nieces and nephews as well as the kids' friends around, throw bikes and sports equipment in the back, and it is great for travel!

    Still praying and waiting to hear good news! +JMJ+

  2. We have a 12 passenger that I make my hubby drive because it is so big...but yours looks even bigger?!?

    I do love taking long trips in it since it greatly diminishes the kid's squabbles :)

    1. Yes--it is 15. We opted for that for the cargo space but it does feel huge! :) We're already dreaming about a car trip....

  3. We have a 15 passenger and LOVE it! I was a bit apprehensive (to say the least!) about the size. I was 9 months pregnant when we bought it and I wouldn't even get behind the wheel until after the baby was born.

    We took the back bench out and have it sitting in our basement to allow for more storage space. A double stroller and oodles of groceries fit easily! I was just commenting to hubby last night that it would be a tough adjustment if we ever have to put that back bench in for seating and lose all that cargo space!

    Enjoy your new wheels!