January 29, 2013

Pulled Pork.

So, I'm making a couple of meals this week in preparation for the baby.  I do have a few meals in the freezer--a hearty chicken casserole, a couple of meals from Sams Club, but not much.  Ken has been craving my pulled pork and he came home from Sam's with an 8lb pork loin!  I buy that size to feed a party of 30!  Which, is my favorite thing about this recipe--it is easy and can feed a large crowd!  So, I made the whole thing and freezing in portions for my family.  We will get at least 4/5 meals (with leftovers for lunches) from this loin.

Pulled Pork.
(This recipe came straight from the pork council's website years ago).

2lbs pork loin
3/4 cup Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce*
3/4 cup Coke

Dump all ingredients in a crock pot and cook on high for 4 hours.  You'll know it is done when it shreds easily.  Pull the chunks out and shred on a plate or cutting board with a fork.  Return to crock pot.  Serve on buns with extra bbq sauce.

*I've listed name brand ingredients.  I have used other bbq sauces.  I have used generic cola.  But, I think these are the best!


  1. Does it really only cook for 4 hours? I usually have mine in for 10-12. I cook mine in apple juice and it makes it kind-of sweet. I really like Famous Dave's bbq sauce which is spicy - goes well with the sweetness of the applesauce.

    Praying all goes well for you with baby!

    1. I usually cut mine into "chunks" about 5-6 inches long at most. I do think my 6 qt crockpot cooks really hot on high. If my loin is fresh (not frozen) then it does cook in 4 hours. I usually have to turn it to "warm" to keep from obliterating it!

      I'll have to try the apple juice version!