February 14, 2013


round button chicken

Flowers for Caroline making our house seem very cheery!
Caroline, of course.
Trying on a headband to see if it fit (it is too big!).
Blanket sharing is always happy.

Hamsters in toys are happy and funny.
The cat is always asking for water (he's very picky about his water).
Peter is very concerned about the cat getting water.
Here, Peter took matters into his own hands and tried to share his sippy.
The cat prefers his own sippy, I guess.
A very painful real. 
Our sycamore tree "before."
Our sycamore tree "after."
We have a pipeline coming through our neighborhood.
The company has been working hard to try and save our tree.
We knew there was a possibility that it might have to come down but we had hope it could stay.
A young man with a chainsaw didn't think to "check" first before cutting.
He "assumed" it was to go.
We were more than devasted!
We tried to make the best of the situation and at least figure out how old it was...but alas, the chainsaw marks are too disfiguring and we can't count the rings!
Next, we'll just have to try the measure-the-trunk method.
And, of course, the kids are having a grand time climbing on the logs!



  1. I'm so so sad to hear about the Sycamore tree, at least the kids are making the most of it. The cat being particular about her water is hilarious!

  2. I love your pictures! So cute and fun! I am really sad about your big, beautiful tree. It must make you sick each time you look out your window. :(