March 6, 2013

One Month.

One month old.
Finally surpassed her birth weight at one month--7lbs 12 oz.  
Can't believe it has passed so quickly!
I always think I'm just going to soak in these first few weeks.
Between the demanding schedule of a newborn and trying to meet the needs of other family members, it just goes too fast!
Her hair is getting longer and lighter!
She is finally getting a little more pudge back into her cheeks.
She's had some first smiles. 
Those first smiles are precious--they just make the weariness of late nights fade away, don't they?
Caroline didn't want to cooperate for a photo shoot with her proud sister.

At least we tried!


  1. What sweeties! She is so cute!!!

  2. Ah. So sweet. Your older daughter looks like she is so patient and loving with the baby!

    1. Thanks, Briana. Elizabeth certainly loves any time she gets with Caroline!