March 28, 2013


round button chicken
I was just about to hit "publish" and my boys came in with these rocks.
Thrilled that they had found some treasures for me.
How did they know I needed something for my "pretty"?
Jacob made his 1st Reconciliation last weekend.
What could be happier than God's grace and mercy?!
Sometimes I think the only reason to keep animals around is for entertainment.
I love to rub Pilchard's belly when he is laying like this!
(He doesn't particularly like it). 
Funny is the cat who thinks he can fit in a shoe box.
And he can't.
Not even close.
This is really just a gratuitous Sally pic.
She doesn't like the snow or the cold, or the cat.
But, she'll take her chances with the cat over the snow!
This looks like a sweet picture of siblings loving on the baby.
It isn't.
It really is a picture of Peter trying to fight Elizabeth for his turn with Caroline.
Caroline, of course, doesn't want either of them to hold her.
And, the real is also the disaster of gloves and shoes in the background!
Life is sometimes far too real so I'm thankful for all those pretty, happy, and funny moments!
God Bless the rest of your Holy Week and Easter! 


  1. When our cat lays belly up he is looking for trouble. Your kitty trying to fit in the box is funny! Animals are good for a laugh.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my bloggy! You have a beautiful family! :)