April 18, 2013


round button chicken
Same view as last week but now with blooms!
Smiles at sunset.
Robin eggs in our playset.
Photo by Nathan.
Happy are the brothers who set up the play mat.
Happy is the baby who has a swarm of brothers! 
Happy and cozy.
A late afternoon thundershower brings respite and relaxation.
Sally the beagle is the most afraid of thunderstorms!
A failed attempt at an after-Easter picture.
I didn't get one Easter day so we tried before (and after) Mass this past Sunday.
I don't have any pictures of all the kids together, I just wanted one!
Peter would not co-operate and only wanted Dad to hold him.
This was Dad's attempt to get him to stay there and not be in the picture!
(It didn't work, lol!)
Nathan changing the tire on the big van.
This was from a couple weeks ago.
Thankfully, the occasion of the popped tire happened just down the street from my husband's work.
I'm really breaking in this big van!


  1. I hope you are able to get a photo of all of them soon. It is challenging with such a big group! Don't give up. I need to do a group photo of my little peeps too!

  2. Oh, that family photo is a winner!! Treasure it forever!! You are giving hope to defeated families everywhere :)