April 25, 2013


round button chicken

This field is down the road from us.
I call it the "highlighter" field--proof that even God can make neon natural.
Frankly, my camera doesn't do it justice.
It is best seen on a cloudy day just as a ray of sun peeks through the clouds and oh my, you need your sunglasses!

Caroline's first time outside on a blanket.
She doesn't care that mom put her in the mulch.
She just loves that prickly green stuff. 
A new sandbox.

I don't know what the joke was, but it was a good one! 
Peter just recently discovered the chickens.
He knew they were there before, he just didn't know how much fun they could be!
Only he calls them, "Ogs"  or "dogs" in toddler speak.
I asked him if he thought they were funny looking dogs.
Most definately yes.

Making baby wipes, of course.
An irrational desire to make something coupled with far too much coffee and the unlikely coordination of two sleeping babies results in ....baby wipes.
Is this a wise use of my time?
Uh, no.
I could have been sleeping.
But, that is the coffee's fault.
Couldn't sleep.
And frankly, baby wipes (for use with cloth diapers) were the perfect solution.
They are quick, and simple and if the stitching isn't perfect--totally fine.
Besides, I've been wanting to use these remnants of this bunny flannel for a long time and it wasn't enough to really make anything from.


  1. My mom made flannel baby wipes for my kids dating back 20 years, they are still around and used for a variety of skin soothing needs. So time not wasted!

    1. So maybe I'll have a legacy of baby wipes...lol!

  2. Wow..that is a gorgeous field!

    I love Peter with the little chicken. So cute that he is holding it.

    Baby wipes are fun to make...I made a bunch while during my last pregnancy...easy and always useful.

  3. That field is amazing! We were stunned when we came upon it last Sunday! I am so impressed by your homemade baby wipes. You are an inspiration! :)