June 20, 2013


round button chicken

A very birdy PHFR....

A crane in the lake where Ken and the kids were fishing.
Hydrangea starting to bloom.

Quilt completed!
One boy happy--three more children asking for quilts.
I told them I would work on them when they are married, lol!
Slides are oh-so-happy!

A swallow accidentally made it in the house!
He was very calm about it all.
Patrick was scheming to keep him as a pet--I said no!
You know you are tired if you fall asleep in your spaghetti!

And to this I say: winner winner chicken dinner!
(And my children roll their eyes).
I gotta say, meat chicks are far messier than layers and they are growing at an amazing rate!

June 16, 2013

For the best Dad....

We love you lots and love spending time with you!
Happy Father's Day!

June 10, 2013

Book Review: Bible Adventures and Activities.

When I originally chose to review this book from The Catholic Company, I thought it would be a great addition to an Easter basket (yes, I've had it that long.  Really, way before Easter).  Of course, it came in the mail and we couldn't resist opening it up and reading through it!

Bible Adventures has about 35 stories from the Bible with a coordinating activity.  I think the concept of the book is wonderful.  The stories include many of the ones we all love: The Good Samaritan, Zacchaeus, Jonah and so on.  It has an answer key at the back of the book.  I would have loved if the pages were slick so you could use a dry-erase marker on them.  It seems a shame to have such a thick book be only one use!  (We have just completed some of the activities by sight--instead of circling something we just point it out).  The pictures are vivid and detailed and my kids love to "I Spy" on the pages.

The one downfall of this book is that the text of the Bible stories is more juvenile--it really appealed to my younger kids (ages 2-6) but some of the activities are too difficult for them to complete (like a crossword puzzle).  Because the text seemed a little on the young side, my older kids weren't very interested in the activities.  I think the authors really tried to appeal to a large age range and lots of abilities. 

Nonetheless, Bible Adventures and Activities is an adorable book and any book that the children love to read that helps them to understand the Bible is an asset to a home library.  You can find Bible Adventures and Activites at The Catholic Company.

June 7, 2013


round button chicken

Full moon.
Babe in the woods.

Two brothers who are quickly becoming best buds.
Apparently the animals think Caroline is super snuggly, too.

What the kids do with the camera when I'm not around. 
Everyone wants to help Dad.

A quilt 7 years in the making.
And it is awful.
After toting it from house to house and moving it around in my closet, I've decided to reconcile myself to the fact that I have TOTALLY.messed.it.up.
Patrick picked these fabrics.
And, I am going to finish it, wonky or not. 
Applique on the back (there was supposed to be a bone and a bowl to go with the dog).
And originally, the backing was supposed to be the binding as well.
It won't be a work of art.
But it will be functional.

Someday, I'll show you the one I made for Nathan that came out much better.
But, I only had two kids then and they both took naps.  :)
No more quilts for me until the kids are (mostly) grown.

June 6, 2013

Theme Thursday.

My two girls.
Nearly six years apart but already there is a love connection!

Linking up for the first time at Clan Donaldson!

June 3, 2013

Randolph County Fun Match.

I was brave last Saturday.  I drove one and a half hours on five hours sleep, by myself, with seven children and two dogs and a van full of stuff so my boys could participate in a fun match.  Brave, very brave.

The purpose of a fun match is to prepare for the fair. It turned out to be a really great experience for the boys.  Not only do they know a little more of what they need to work on with their dogs but it also eases some of the competition jitters.
Nathan and Mae doing an off leash sit-stay.
Mae panicked at the last minute and ran over to "her" boy.
She does this great at home but I've noticed that away from home, she gets worried and slinks over to Nathan and sits by him.
Patrick and Sally showing off their Showmanship skills.
There are to competition categories: Obedience and Showmanship.
Obedience is more to show what your dog knows.
Showmanship is just that--showing what the "showman" knows.
There are points for dress, appearance, demeanor as well as how well your dog is groomed, gait, etc.
What we did while the boys were showing.
Hanging out in the parking lot for lunch.
Trucks n gravel!   
Carrie has fun as long as she has toes! 
Patrick won 2nd place in Showmanship.
There were only two competitors, lol!
Lucky boy got a really cool trophy and was the envy of the family.

All in all, it was a really great day.  Both boys and dogs performed really well and came away with good preparation for the fair.

Happy Birthday, Peter!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Peter!

We love you, our little ray of sunshine!

June 2, 2013

4 months.

Caroline at 4 months.

Rolling front to back (trying hard the other way too!), trying to sit up, has found her toes, and....her hair is all falling out! (*sniff!*)

Loving every day with our baby girl!