June 7, 2013


round button chicken

Full moon.
Babe in the woods.

Two brothers who are quickly becoming best buds.
Apparently the animals think Caroline is super snuggly, too.

What the kids do with the camera when I'm not around. 
Everyone wants to help Dad.

A quilt 7 years in the making.
And it is awful.
After toting it from house to house and moving it around in my closet, I've decided to reconcile myself to the fact that I have TOTALLY.messed.it.up.
Patrick picked these fabrics.
And, I am going to finish it, wonky or not. 
Applique on the back (there was supposed to be a bone and a bowl to go with the dog).
And originally, the backing was supposed to be the binding as well.
It won't be a work of art.
But it will be functional.

Someday, I'll show you the one I made for Nathan that came out much better.
But, I only had two kids then and they both took naps.  :)
No more quilts for me until the kids are (mostly) grown.

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